Digital art

What with space being at a premium in the Bay Area, finding ways to make art when there is no affordable studio space can be a challenge.  I have been branching out into working on computer.  I like some of the results, but miss the tactile feel of paper and other materials.

Someone needs to invent a program that allows collage.

I don’t know how this will end up. Prints? Books?

I have also been teaching myself some crude 3D modeling in TinkerCad.  I like kid’s programs, they are brighter and less intimidating.  Without access to a 3D printer, it is hard to say how successful my efforts are, but it’s good to learn new skills.  I haven’t been too wowed by the range of color and texture from standard 3D printers.  There are clay printers, which I feel clay artists should learn to use, so we can bring a hand-built esthetic to the medium.  Still, in my case there is still an issue of space.