Transition from sphere to pendulum, 1995-1997

Graduate school brought some changes in my work.  Viola urged me to push my work up in scale, from smaller drawings and objects to large paintings and objects.  In order to go larger, I needed to simplify my imagery.  Instead of working with a sense of accumulation from time and accretion, I tried to bring a sense of experience to the surface of the clay.  Also, I used the events that the pieces went through in my studio as part of their story as art pieces.

The carts and stands that I used to get the pieces around and back and forth from the kiln made their way into paintings and then into the sculptures.  The beautiful light in my studio in Treadwell passed over the pieces in different ways during the day and I painted and sketched them.

I eventually moved from the sphere to the pendulum/plumb-bob because the sphere seemed too static.  The pendulum is more of a tool, people have used them since the time of early man to grapple with both the problem of building straight walls and also with determining his place in the universe.  Plus it is a more interesting shape to look at and make.